Review: Rebecca by Adam J. Nicolai


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Summary: In the darkened halls of Sarah’s apartment, her infant daughter is screaming.

Sarah is only eighteen. She has never felt more alone. Her own mother has kicked her out, and she’s surrendered a bright future at Yale to care for this baby.

She is out of options – poor, miserable, and confused – until she hears God, providing her a simple answer:

Kill the child.

What Rhea thought:  I’ve read The Exorcist when I was eleven. I am a Roman Catholic by religion. And I was absolutely shaken, disturbed and scandalized by the horror that was Rebecca. In the best way possible.

Sarah, as fore-mentioned, is eighteen. Not a good age to be dealing with crying babies, changing diapers and more importantly post natal depression. Throw in the fact that she is just discovering her sexuality and is currently not having the best relations with her mother, and you’ve got yourself this enthralling encounter with these wonderful characters. And the author absolutely nails the struggles a young, unprepared teen mother would face

The author, I noted, did not try to sugarcoat the views of orthodox Church-goers and that was what I liked most. Sarah’s mother, was the main reason for Sarah giving birth. She had merely wanted to appease her mother, to prove that she was NOT gay. How? By having sex with a asshole boyfriend. Did I mention it was unprotected?

This is the truth. This is what still happens in fundamentalist Christian homes. But enough to want to call your daughter ‘a creature’ and want to kill it?

There’s my one and only qualm with the book. Sarah hears?hallucinates the voice of The Messenger, the supposed angel of God, asking Sarah to give her child up to the Lord, which roughly translated would mean killing it, and to give up her sinful lust for Tiffany. The Messenger has been potrayed as a fleeting character, he comes and goes, appearing mostly when Sarah is at her lowest. How did this start? How did she accept it without questioning her own sanity?

The author, Adam J Nicolai, has done an excellent job, through and through. Haters will hate and potatoes will potate, I always say. And what I also say is that this one is a must read.

Final Verdict: Rebecca is going to shock you, scandalise you and make you think back on beliefs that you hold dear to your heart. ★★★★

About the Author:

 Adam J Nicolai lives near Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Joy, and their two children, Isaac and Rydia. He is a life-long nerd, game lover, author, Star Wars fan, Dungeon Master, and amateur game designer, as well as a former project manager and policy debate coach.

His first novel, Alex, was self-published on Amazon and was extremely well-received, hitting #13 on the Kindle Horror Bestseller list and #1 in Ghost Horror. It was also the top-rated novel by customer review for several months in Horror, Thriller, and Suspense, and peaked at #3 top-rated in overall Kindle Fiction. 

Find Adam at his website or lurking around on Twitter.



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