Review: The Eternals by Kristie K Shafer

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You can find this book here. Summary: Rani’s world is shattered when Tyler, one of her good friends, reveals a horrifying secret, and then disappears without a trace. Later, she meets a mysterious stranger who steals her heart and sweeps her off of her feet. Little does she know that he has his own dark secrets, ones that threaten her very existence… 

Warning – Adult Content and Language – For Mature Readers The Review: The Eternals has an amazing concept and the two stars I’ve given the story are for the concept and the concept only. The writing however is a real disappointment. The number of holes the plot line of this story has is not even funny.
A little background on the Eternals: They’re vampires, desperate to increase their numbers and after some research, they’ve come up with a serum to turn humans into Vampires. They send their sons and daughters to the home of humans, play on human insecurities, show them a creeptastic video that would beat the shit out of Cartoon porn anyday (Coz that shit is seriously messed up) and turn humans into Eternals. You with me? Okay. 

Main Characters: Rani (who is a despo), Tyler (who has all of ten sentences in the book), Phil (who is just a sad character with so much of unused potential), Kelly (whom the stilted prologue is about) 

Tyler is apparently Rani’s best friend. He is also in love with her but his love is unrequited. That’s okay. But when his parents do something that he can’t possibly forgive, he reveals to Rani that he has killed them and disappears. Said best friend thinks about him for the next two days or so and then poof. Introduce new best friend: Kelly. Um, where did she come from? (The prologue, maybe?) I thought Tyler was the best friend. Okay, I’m willing to move on.

Kelly and Rani decide to go snooping around Tyler’s house. Did I mention that the two are really not serious/concerned about their absconding friend. Not really. Breezy mentions of his disappearance but nothing concrete. Um, why? A normal person would take this seriously. Anyway.

So they go there and find a lock of Tyler’s mother’s hair and a tooth inside some “dirt.” It’s ash. Really, wouldn’t you recognize ash for ash? Yet the two girls called it “dirt.” I still hadn’t lost hope.

Enter: Phil. Phil is, in one word – Confused. Poor bastard doesn’t know if he hates his father or not, hates himself or not. Good for him because I’m not sure I hate him or not either.

Then follows a series of events (which I’m not going to bother to repeat for your sanity and mine) and suddenly Rani loses her V card with Phil in two weeks of dating. TWO FRICKIN’ WEEKS! (horny, much?)And after sex, they realize they’re in love. 

Falling in love due to post-coital bliss. In two weeks. With a virtual stranger. While your supposed best friend is on the run. Yay Rani! You go girl. 

Tyler is still AWOL at the end of the book and Rani herself has been turned into an Eternal by coffee and McNugget loving , loving boyfriend Phil himself.

Hard luck, Rani. Maybe you should find yourself a sparkle-dick, eh? You’re the same species, after all.

Final Verdict: SO much wasted potential. Great concept, poor execution. ★★

About the Author: Kristie is an aspiring author and mother of two beautiful daughters, Paige and Kylie, who are the lights of her life. When she is not busy chauffeuring her girls around or helping with homework, she can be found huddled over her laptop, creating her next story.

Kristie has been an avid reader since she was a little girl. Her love of reading eventually led to writing stories of her own. With a leap of faith, and encouragement from her family and friends, she decided to make her dream a reality by sharing her novels with the world.


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