Review: The Rebound Guy by Farrah Rochon

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Summary: Guy Rule #1: Never date a woman on the rebound…

Leave that to Dexter Bryant. The self-declared relationship advisor specializes in “counseling” women who have just ended long-term relationships. He wines them. He dines them. He treats them like queens, all with the purpose of rebuilding their self-confidence. Most importantly, he excels in the fine art of making ex-boyfriends jealous. But Dexter is trying to shake off the stud-for-hire persona in hopes of turning his service into a legitimate consulting business.

However, a stud-for-hire is exactly what Asia Carpenter is looking for. The career-minded PR Crisis Manager is completely blindsided when her ideal man dumps her for another woman, leaving her with a broken heart…and the bill for her engagement ring. Humiliated and dreading the looks of pity from her friends and co-workers, Asia hires Dexter as her pretend love interest, to show her ex-fiancé that she can land a sexy man—and keep him. What Asia doesn’t anticipate is how quickly their pretend love turns into the real thing.

What Rhea thought:  I’ve done it yet again. I’ve judged a book by its cover and received the true kick on my ass that I deserved. Ah, just kidding! It wasn’t that bad? Or was it? I still can’t say.

Asia Carpenter is an uptight, stick-up-her-workoholic-ass type lady. It’s true. Apparently, the woman has stopped in the middle of sex to answer a work call. I mean, who does that? Apparently, this lady does. Or so her ex-fiance says. Said ex-fiance, Cortland Stewart, is actually the main character the entire story seems to revolve around. Like it or not, Cortland Stewart is the person you’re going to be reading most about. On the other hand, the new guy and Asia hardly have any chemistry that’s been written about.

The Rebound Guy – Dexter Bryant – is stupid. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. I mean, who works in a hot-shot Wall Street firm, fucks up and then walks dogs, dreaming of running a business to save guys all around the city from being potential Rebound Men, offering to make the noble sacrifice himself? Like I said, stupid. And the best is yet to come…when Asia and Dexter finally realize their love for each other, he actually thinks of getting into financial consulting and letting go of this Rebound Guy business. He says so himself, I swear!

The book has its own pros. 

Apart from being a rip off of Hitch (one of my favorites, mind you) I really liked Roxie, the dog, and India Carpenter, Asia’s sister. The author could have used a lot more of these two fun characters. The flow was good, and though the plot could have been developed some more, you can’t actually think of any mistakes in the story unless you actually sit down and well, think about it. The Rebound Guy is a fun read. If you look past some minor avoidable errors that I pointed out and then some, it’s actually a good, Sunday afternoon type book 🙂

Final Verdict: I’m still deciding. You let me know if you’ve made a call. ★★★

About the author:

A native of south Louisiana, Farrah Rochon officially began her writing career while waiting in between classes in the student lounge at Xavier University of Louisiana. After earning her Bachelors of Science degree and a Masters of Arts from Southeastern Louisiana University, Farrah decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published novelist. She was named Shades of Romance Magazine’s Best New Author of 2007. Her debut novel, Deliver Me, the first in her Holmes Brothers series, garnered rave reviews, earning Farrah several SORMAG Readers’ Choice Awards.

In September 2010, Farrah joined the Kimani Romance family with the launch of her new series that follows the life of the fictional New York Sabers football team. 

When she is not writing in her favorite coffee shop, Farrah spends most of her time reading her favorite romance novels, hanging around on Twitter, and trying to attend as many Broadway shows as her budget will allow. An admitted sports fanatic, Farrah feeds her addiction to football by watching New Orleans Saints games on Sunday afternoons. Find Farrah on Twitter or her website.


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