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Their wishes were simple and modest. Fate had other things in store though, and she can be a real bitch sometimes.

– All he wanted was to get the job done and somehow to endure those long months playing nanny to a spoiled little rich girl. Without strangling her with his bare hands in the process. Well, it is going to be much easier said than done.

– All she wanted was to escape the past and live like any other nineteen-year-old girl. Her plan definitely didn’t include the arrogant, tattooed savage, with his awful mohawk hair and lack of social graces, whose only mission was to stick real close and mess up her life.

But, people aren’t always what they seem to be, are they?


What Rhea Thought:

Sasha is the only daughter of a very dangerous arms dealer. While the blurb says that she’s “bratty”, I honestly couldn’t see it. She’s a bit irrational, a little rude and disregardful of her safety but that’s to be expected from a college going nineteen-year old isn’t it?

A misfortunate turn of events leads to her life in danger and her father (Nikolai) decides she needs a bodyguard. A “vulgar,” “barbarian,” “ogre,” who “lacks social graces” fits the bill. Aleksey (Alex) is one of Nicolai’s most trusted men and he moves in with Sasha in order to provide full time protection.

Very few books come around that I completely lose myself in, finish in one sitting and keep living in the world the book provided. Perfect Opposite was one of them. The book, start to finish, is absolute perfection.

The whole falling-in-love-with-the-bodyguard has been done so many times but this was by far the best. And it has everything. The hatred, the fights, the passionate angry kissing, the falling in love. There is so much banter and the dialogue is so, so good!

Anger coursed through my veins like electricity and I wanted to smash things up, but not because he’d dared to kiss me. It was myself I was angry with, because I’d liked it so much. And because I wanted more.


“The way you behave… You have a serious problem, you know that, right?”

“How could I forget about it? It’s right under my nose and it doesn’t stop yapping.” 


I liked the fact that through all the twists and turns in the book, I knew just about as much as Sasha did—which actually means that I was clueless. The right amount of information was supplied at the right time and that made the entire reading experience so much better.

And Alex. How much do I love thee! He’s rough around the edges, he’s tattooed and he’s obnoxious but he loves fiercely and the way he calls Sasha “Princess”. Ungh. It just completely melts you. And then there’s this:

“I know that the man who now stands before you is not exactly an image of perfection, but baby, you should know that whatever else he is – he’s totally crazy about you. And if he has to spend just one more day without you, he’ll probably lose that little bit of sense he has left.”

Told you.

 “Come back home with me, Princess.”
“I bought new glasses. And plates. There’s nobody there to throw them at me.” 

At this point, my ovaries had already exploded.

This book has so many remarkable lines. I have highlighted so much on Megan (my Kindle) and these lines? Very insightful, very fitting. For example:

There are things you’re convinced you’ll never do, words you know for sure you’ll never say, boundaries you think you wouldn’t cross for anything. You live in the belief that you are a person of solid convictions and principles and that there’s no man in this world for whom you’d cast them by the wayside. Even when they take everything from you, the only thing that’s yours to keep is your pride. And then…then out of nowhere someone appears for whom you are ready to throw it all out into the wind.

There are side characters in this book. Beth and Paulo—Sasha’s best friends, Nicolai, Tyler—the unrelenting ex. And then there’s Mike.

How to put this delicately without revealing too much? Let me make a list:

a)    Mike is a veterinarian.

b)   Mike knows more than he shows.

c)    Mike is kind of an asshole when he’s drunk.

Let me leave you with this: This book is NOT cliché. Not at all. The storyline and the idea might be, but the story itself is not. Miss Tessi has done a very good job with the book and Alex (slight spoiler: His real name isn’t Alex, it’s Oleg but Alex is the guy I feel in love with) is A BOMB.

A bomb I’d happily wear around my neck.


Final Verdict: Everyone and anyone who likes bad boys will LOVE this. ★★★★


About the Author:


A teenager in an adult’s body. A rebel in the guise of an ordinary citizen. A lady with very unladylike language. A dreamer with a rational mind. A woman born into the wrong era, she still believes that chivalry’s a feat to define the perfect man.Zoya spent years doing volunteering work all across Europe, from cleaning school basements in Northern Russia to excavating Stone Age artifacts in Euskadi (the Basque country) and renovating castles from the middle ages in Southern France. She always dreamed of working with ‘Doctors without borders’ somewhere out in Africa, but ended up doing an ‘ordinary job’ in one of the smaller European countries.Her greatest passion is devouring each and every book that comes within her reach.

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*I was provided a free ecopy of this book in exchange of an honest review*


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