What are YOUR Book Buying Habits?

If you’re here, it means you read. And to read, you buy books. Or you borrow them, beg for them, steal them from your friends and then deny it vehemently or find other innovative ways of reading the books you want to read.


  1. Do you buy a fixed number of books a week/month?

I’m a college student. My…everything revolves around a budget. So, I do this. I decide on a budget for a week, and no matter how many other books I might need want to buy, I fucking stick to that budget. This is usually for ebooks.

But it works for me.


2.  Do you buy a book as and when you see it or do you wait for a few days?

This is actually pretty damn tempting to me. There’s just so many pretties EVERYWHERE—in paperback and ecopies—that the temptation to pick up just one more is always, always around.

Which is kind of depressing because, like I said, I work on a budget here, and this particular train of thought makes all my savings go poof.


3.  Do you say “Fuck Everything!” and buy the book you need?

This is the way I want to be…eventually. Money should never, EVER be in the way of buying a book I want. If I want to read a book, I should be able to buy it without worrying about the price dammit. And the shipping.

Oh, the horror of shipping.


4.  Are you a mad-borrower?
Do you depend on the local library to feed your read-monster? Does that also mean that you have to wait huge amounts of time for the library itself to acquire a copy of the book? What about Amazon Prime? Do you use that to borrow books? I have a bad, bad habit of borrowing books with pretty covers from my friends and not returning them at all. EVER.



Now that you know of my rather tame book buying habit, what about yours? Do you work on a budget? Do you make other people pay for your books?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! 😀


What say you, mortal?

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