Welcome to 2015, I guess.

I thought of doing a real “Welcome to 2015” post a long time ago, but seeing as it’s redundant now (and 2015 really doesn’t seem that different from 2014, anyway) I’m doing a post that acknowledges the new year.

So firstly, readers, I hope you’ve had a happy, safe and bright New Year. ( I’m saying this because thanks to my brilliant personality, the place that I was at on New Years Eve actually lost power for a couple of minutes. Pathetic, doesn’t even cover it.) 2014 was alright in the first quarter but then it got progressively shittier. But the best part about 2014 is that it’s over, so here’s to letting bygones be bygones.

But, I also started my blog in May of 2014, so I can’t hate it too much. Starting and running Rhea’s Neon Journal has literally made the past year bearable and helped maintain my sanity. Not only has it been fun to be a “real” book blogger, but I’ve learnt so much; and I don’t only mean in the blogging angle. I’ve made friends and spoken to some amazing authors and read great books and this is starting to sound like a goodbye post so fuck this shit.

So. What’s new in 2015, you ask?

I’m hoping for more organisation this year. Thankfully, I didn’t miss even a single posting date last year, so yay me, but I’m maintaining spread sheets and notebooks and making complete use of Cal so that everything goes as smooth as it did last year, maybe even a bit better. Hopefully, I’ll also have many more Reviews posted this year. I posted a total of 89 reviews in 2014, which I think is pretty good, considering I started in May. Bottom line? This year I’m hoping to do a bit more and also tackle my unending TBR pile to some degree.

Now, the other thing that I wanted to let you guys know is that, starting January 2015, I’m co-blogging! Yay! This isn’t a recent development, considering that this has been on my mind and in talks since November but, yeah. I’m now officially a part of a team of three bloggers that (will) run Her Book Thoughts! Paula is the owner of the blog and she’s serious amazing! I’m afraid she’s going to be a good influence on me. It scares me, people.

The entire experience will be new for me because I’m kind of a lone wolf when it comes to reading and blogging. I stick to myself and I pretty much isolate myself from, you know, “virtual social gatherings” while I read. But, seeing as I’m an expressive person by nature, and that I have this “need to be heard” (which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m a attention whore) I think this year, blogging wise is going to be amazing. Stressful, yes, but amazing 🙂

PS – My other co-bloggers on Her Book Thoughts? Amazing girls. Meet them right HERE.

PPS – How I look as of January 4th, 2015


What do you say? All your suggestions, encouragement, thoughts and bitching (if any) is more than welcome!

What say you, mortal?

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