Binge Reads #1: The Lux Series

Rhea's Neon Journal Presents

Hello everyone 🙂 Welcome to Rhea’s Neon Journal where starting tomorrow until the 8th of Feb, I’m going to read until I DROP. Quite literally. See, here’s the deal: I got sick of it. I got sick of people giving me judgy eyes when I told them I didn’t know what the Luxen were. I got sick of people excommunicating me when I told them I didn’t give a shit for this Daemon guy and to start talking about books knew about. And you know what I got really fucking annoyed with? My Goodreads timeline in the month of August 2014, with people crying and sobbing because the Lux series was over. WHAT. IN. THE. EVER. LOVING. FUCK.

So a few weeks ago, I found myself reading Daemon quotes on–where else?–Goodreads. And that gave me an idea which prompted me to check my calendar which prompted me to buy the five Lux series books on my Kindle and now I’m set for what I’m calling The Lux Series Readathon 🙂

It’s pretty simple; Starting tomorrow, until the 8th of Feb, I’m going to read the entire series, talk about them a lot on Twitter and here and at the end of the week (which is a Sunday) hope that I feel alive enough to be productive.


 Am I going to post reviews everyday?

I have no idea. Maybe they won’t be reviews, just my thoughts/rants/gushing.


What if I hate the series?

Abort! Abort! I won’t be reading the rest of the series if I know I’m going to hate it. Life’s too short to read books I know I’m not going to love. Fair enough? Although with the response the books got, I highly doubt I’ll hate them.


And that’s all. Really, I’d like to keep this very simple. Just a girl with a series of books to read 🙂 You’re welcome to join in the fun! I’m going to be using the #LuxBingeReads on Twitter and of course, comment away right here, if you like!


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