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Hello and welcome to OMFG IT’S LIA RILEY’S LAST FIRST KISS AND I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT’S HERE ALREADY HOLY SHIT. Ahem. I’m excited. Obviously. It’s only  ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS EVER. I’m going to go now. Follow the rest of the Last First Kiss tour here 😀


Last First Kiss by Lia Riley
Series: Brightwater #1
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Date of Publishing: 23rd June, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Links: GoodreadsAmazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo
 My Rating: ★
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New to Avon author Lia Riley makes a splash with her first sexy, hilarious book in the sizzling Brightwater series!

 A kiss is just the beginning…

Pinterest Perfect. Or so Annie Carson’s life appears on her popular blog. Reality is… messier. Especially when it lands her back in one-cow town, Brightwater, California, and back in the path of the gorgeous six-foot-four reason she left. Sawyer Kane may fill out those wranglers, but she won’t be distracted from her task. Annie just needs the summer to spruce up and sell her family’s farm so she and her young son can start a new life in the big city. Simple, easy, perfect.

Sawyer has always regretted letting the first girl he loved slip away. He won’t make the same mistake twice, but can he convince beautiful, wary Annie to trust her heart again when she’s been given every reason not to? And as a single kiss turns to so much more, can Annie give up her idea of perfect for a forever that’s blissfully real.


Think Montagues vs Capulets in a ranch and um, without the double suicide at the end, and you have Last First Kiss.

Of course, unlike Romeo and Juliet, LFK is a real love story with characters that are fucking fantastic and a small town Sheriff who may just take your breath away. It is the story of Annie Carson and Sawyer Kane, and how their love might just finish the 150 year old feud between their families.

Annie Carson is recently divorced and her son, Atticus, is an adorable little boy who is sensitive to his surroundings. However, with no choice but to come back to her home in Brightwater, Annie puts on her big girl panties and settles into the house of her childhood, a house she hates more than anything. More so now, when its rickety and old and a small gust of wind could make it topple over. Her mommy blog is doing quite well but that’s only because she chooses to show the internet the picture-perfect Annie Carson. And of course to make her life a different kind of hell is the fact that most of Brightwater is under the influence of Grandma Kane, who hates all Carsons. And Sawyer Kane, the town sheriff whom she’s tried very hard to forget.

Teaser 1One of the first things I learnt about Annie is that she was miserable in Brightwater. Obviously, if she had any other option to go elsewhere instead of going to Brightwater she would, but her reasons for why she hated the place were all legit and it just about broke my heart with just how sad she was in there. To add to that, she had a troll trolling her blog, a son who was adapting very slowly and the most delicious distraction in the form of Sawyer Kane. In spite of her daily efforts to try to forget everything negative about the place and adjust to small town life again, Annie was most definitely not happy and that bothered me, like, a lot. She was a good, strong character and  wonderful mother, but she wasn’t happy. Obviously the entire scene seemed to change once Sawyer entered the picture.

Sawyer, the one who had broken her heart. Sawyer, who had let her go once before. Sawyer, who wasn’t giving up without a fight this time.

As far as heroes in Adult Contemporaries go, Sawyer wasn’t someone who would catch hold of your attention and keep it there. I daresay, this book would have been completely different had it been completely in his POV. But what attracted me most to him, was the fact that he took responsibility. He was the quintessential good boy and somehow, I liked that. I liked his gentle personality, and I liked his soft words. He was not exactly we’d call a “Alpha Hero” but I liked that. I liked that he covertly helped Annie without taking credit. I liked that he was beyond adorable with Atticus. I like that he knew how to deal with Grandma Kane when no one else could.

But more than anything else, I loved that he loved Annie with a single-minded intensity, and went seriously above and beyond to get her back.

Teaser 4

Annie and sawyer were nothing less than explosive when they were together. They had this kind of familiarity between them, that only comes from love that spans years and years. This wasn’t a type of romance where they were only getting to know each other…no, Annie and Sawyer already had inside jokes and shared looks and hot touches. They knew each other, in the best sense of the word romantically and I think it worked in their favour perfectly. Last First Kiss is high on the romance and low on angst…which is new from Lia Riley because man, does that woman rule the tear ducts. And obviously, it’s Lia Riley so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to storytelling. Her dialogues, her banter, her way of keeping you hooked to the book even when everything seems hopeless is pure gold and Last First Kiss turned out to be a spectacular start to a fun series!



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Lia Riley

Lia Riley writes offbeat New Adult and Contemporary Adult romance. After studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica, sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling XXXX with stationhands in Outback Australia among her accomplishments.A British literature fanatic at heart, Lia considers Mr. Darcy and Edward Rochester as her fictional boyfriends. Her very patient husband doesn’t mind. Much. When not torturing heroes (because c’mon, who doesn’t love a good tortured hero?), Lia herds unruly chickens, camps, beach combs, daydreams about future books, wades through a mile-high TBR pile and schemes yet another trip. Right now, Icelandic hot springs and Scottish castles sound mighty fine.
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I was provided a free eARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. This did not in any way, however, influence the content of this review.
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    • Rhea says:

      I HAVE SEEN THEM TEASERS AND I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER ❤ Lia Riley wins at life all the time, man. I have a feeling Archer is going to be my hero forever 😀


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