Mini Reviews #1

More Than Exes by Elizabeth Briggs
Series: Chasing The Dream #0.5
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Date of Publishing: October 28th, 2014
Links: | Goodreads |
 My Rating: ★

 A stand-alone prequel novella to More Than Music.

Keyboardist Kyle Cross may look like a bad boy with his tattoos and piercings, but he’s really the good guy who’s always stuck fixing his band’s problems and never gets the girl. His band is competing in a college Battle of the Bands, but when their bassist doesn’t show, Kyle must track her down with the help of the person he least expects: his ex-girlfriend Alexis Monroe.

Kyle hasn’t seen Alexis since she dumped him in high school, and she’s dropped her preppy image for fiery red hair and a bold new attitude to match. With only hours before his band goes on stage, Kyle has to be a little bad if he wants to win both the Battle and the girl he’s never gotten over. But when their old problems resurface, the good guy might just get his heart broken all over again.

Villians Complex is competing at the college Battle of the Bands and Kyle Cross is nervous as fuck because the bassist of his band is nowhere to be seen. Keyboardist and peacemaker, he knows the best way to get her there is to, you know, actually go get her.

Whom he did not expect to find, however, is his old flame and only love Alexis Monroe. What he also did not expect is for him to need her help to track his bassist down.

Though the story was kind of foreseeable, it was pleasant. There’s some obvious chemistry between Kyle and Alexis since the start and I was kind of anxious to see how that would go down. However, like I said, the entire plotline was glaringly predictable and that made me reduce the stars on this one.

Kyle seemed to be a reasonable character. Although he can be a bit daft sometimes, he’s sure of what he wants—to win the competition, and score some girl while he’s at it. But deep inside of him, he knows that he’s never forgotten Alexis and it seemed to me that he’d almost learnt to live with the pain of losing her. Strong man, this one. Alexis, on the other hand, was this good girl gone bad type and I liked her a lot. She wasn’t afraid of going for what she wanted and somehow, she managed to make Kyle see her side of the story. The only thing I didn’t like about her: the entire fiasco with Alexis’s friend. She said, he said and the entire thing got out of control pretty fast. That too was resolved, though, and reasonably, so I can’t complain too much about it.

All in all, the novella was really cute, a bit predictable—okay, very predictable—and a bit too short for my taste. I haven’t read More Than Music yet so I don’t know how that’ll go but I think I’ll like this Jared guy 🙂

Crush by J.C. Emery
Series: Bayonet Scars #4
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Date of Publishing: December 15th, 2014
Links: | Goodreads |
 My Rating: ★

Young love is always perfect. Until it’s not.

Cheyenne Grady is a total daddy’s girl to her bad-ass father, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club. She’s funny, and kind, and she just wants that deep, earth-shattering love like her dad has with her school secretary, Holly. But Cheyenne’s been looking in the wrong direction, because the only good that can come from the way she looks at Jeremy Whelan is a lesson in heartbreak.

Jeremy always wanted to prospect for the Forsaken Motorcycle Club and wear the same patch as his father. When a life-long dream becomes reality, Jeremy realizes that the outlaw lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it easy on relationships. He wants to be a good man, but temptation is everywhere.

Cheyenne is beautiful, and strong, and exactly what Jeremy could have forever. As long as he doesn’t screw it up.

Love is never more powerful than the first time.

Returning to reading the Bayonet Scars was a pleasant, happy occasion because I’ve always loved reading the men of the Forsaken MC. They’re crude and crass and sexy and complete animals. And I love them all! Except maybe Ryan who was, and probably will always be a thorn in my side.

But Crush, in particular, features a boy of the Forsaken MC, a Prospect. You guys remember bratty Jeremy, don’t you? He was Nic’s brother (from Thrash) and I distinctly remember not thinking too much about Jeremy in the book because, well, he wasn’t the most mature of people back then. He was ungrateful and naive, and I was just really, really focused on Duke and Nic’s story. But Crush was just fucking brilliant.

Why? Because Jeremy was so much more than what we got to see in Thrash. Jeremy was a Prospect in the novel, trying desperately and harder than anyone to earn his Cut, but of course, having a huge ass crush on the daughter of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the MC wasn’t helping his case any. But the guy was hard-working and sincere and like all Forsaken men, he had more heart than he showed. Cheyenne Grady was the character I didn’t at all enjoy reading. She was all contrasting opinions and deliberately immature behaviour. She didn’t want to be that girl—the one who depended on boy, but did stuff that was completely contrary to what she believed in. Reading her POVs, inspite of knowing from the beginning that I wasn’t liking her too much was an exercise in futility. Her relationship with her father, though was quite enjoyable and it was funny to see a fully grown man being completely powerless in front of his teenage daughter!

Crush was definitely one of my highly anticipated instalments in the series and apart from my dislike for Cheyenne, I think Crush definitely met my expectations! Staying true to the rest of the series, it had tons of Mancuso “club business,” dark humour, young love, and of course, more swear words than your mother has ever used in her entire life.        


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