When your TBR starts to Haunt You

If you read books, you know that  you are scared of your TBR. Literally terrified of going through your Goodreads and seeing your TBR shame. Those books never seem to end and your shelf never seems to be getting smaller.

So. Now you’ve got more than 700 books on your TBR, and you know in your heart that there is no way on Earth you are going to be able to get rid of them for some time. You can try and try all you want, but to make a real dent in the pile, you’re going to have to pull out the big guns. Let me help.

Plan it out!

While you’re sitting all alone in the shame cube, draw up a full-proof strategy. For all of us spreadsheet/intense planning/writing-planning peeps, this is heaven. Pull up two things: a new spreadsheet (virtual or otherwise) and that wretched TBR you can’t get away from. Prioritise. If you’re a blogger, then you’re drowning in ARCs. Work around the new ones that are future releases. Try and read the archived ones in between. Plan the thing so that you read a mix of books you have to read and that you want to read.

But if you’re not the planners, then this is excellent for you guys and you are lucky. Close your eyes, pick up a random book. Ask Twitter what you should read. Make one of those pretty DIY TBR jars. Pick up the one with the prettiest cover, or the one with the hottest male model. Read the crap out of the books you choose. The aim here is to squash that TBR and show that shelf who runs things around here.

Sign up for challenges!

I’m a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to my blogging situation. I’m a generally loud person and it takes me a while to warm up to people but when it comes to blogging and posting, I’m very quiet. And for me, taking up a challenge means socialising and going out of my way to talk to people—strangers—who will be taking it up with me. And believe me, even though I was very skeptical about this, there’s a lot I’ve learnt from joining challenges.Whether you’re an extrovert or not, book related challenges motivate and they help. Signing up for challenges like #ARCAugust, the crush your TBR read-a-thon, or even just going reading groups on Goodreads can boost your spirit and help you reduce that mountain to a molehill.


This one is my personal favourite. I LOVE buddy reading. It’s fun when you can discuss a book you’ve read with some one, but it is so much more fun when you can read a book with someone! Start small. Novellas, series, the likes. If you’re not comfortable reading with a complete stranger, ask people on Twitter. And Goodreads. And if you’re a blogger, you’ll definitely know someone who hasn’t read the book but is meaning to. Track that person down, fix a day and read! You’ll get to know about your buddy’s opinions while you read the book, live tweet what you’re reading, learn to avoid spoilers from your reading buddy like the plague and so much more!

What if you’re totes okay with tapping a stranger on his virtual back and wanting to read a book together? Then imo, you are completely right on track! This is how amazing friendships are made and trust you me, friendships made because of books are the best type ❤

Binge watch Game of Thrones and lose a part of your soul every time some one dies.

Heh. No really. Binge watch Game of Thrones. You need George R. R. Martin in your lives. And Robb. And Arya. And Cersei.

Binge watch Outlander because Jaime Fraser = HOT HOT HOT

Bonus: Every time Sam Heughan says Sassenach, you’ll want to pledge your womb to him. Relish this because it is a rare feeling.

Audiobooks! While also reading your physical books/ebooks.

I’m going to come clean here: I don’t like audiobooks. They’re too slow for me (speed reader, yo) and I hardly ever like the narrators, so I can’t say I completely endorse this particular option. BUT if you’re okay with audiobooks then this is an excellent option for you. Listen to an audiobook as you drive/commute around town, and then take bathroom breaks every ten minutes at work for one more chapter of that book you’re reading from the Kindle app! Technically, you’re going through two different books and more reading = less TBRs. Win, win!


Okay then! Time to take this show on the road and completely demolish those TBRs! How do you plan on going about doing that? Any method you’re planning on using from my list above? And how many books are on your TBR as of today?

4 thoughts on “When your TBR starts to Haunt You

  1. Heather Duff (@hross42) says:

    I am hopeless with my TBR pile and I deliberately do not keep a note of it on Goodreads so it doesn’t shame me each time I go in.

    I have tried audio books but like you I find them too slow but it is a fab idea doing a challenge I need to get my finger out and nail some of my TBR pile! Good luck with yours!!

    Heather | Random Redheaded Ramblings


  2. joyousreads says:

    Yep. Audiobooks. They’re a life saver, for sure! And yeah. My TBR is so ridiculous, creating a spreadsheet would probably take just as much as time as reading them. :/


  3. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    I never have a solid TBR, I just read books I want to read in the moment rather than have a pile haha. The only books I plan for are the occasional ARC. I would die if I thought I had to read 700 books haha! BUT YES GoT binge watching is always a good idea. And omfg Outlander does not sound like my thing but the main guy is SO HOT. I have to check it out one day!


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