The Book Ban Theory

This is exactly what it sounds like. No new books for Rhea, dear friends. Why on Earth would a book blogger have a book ban like this one? Read on to find out!

So here’s the thing: My, um, situation is getting real. My ARC situation, I mean. I ended ARC August yesterday, and that helped A LOT. Apart from the 15 ARCs that I had already pledged to finish in August, I also managed to read some 5 more ARCs in lieu of blog tours, pure excitement and so on. That’s 20 ARCs that I managed to tackle in a month. And if I manage to keep tackling even 10 ARCs a month, it could make a significant dent in my TBR pile that just doesn’t seem to be doing anything expect damning me to the fiery pits of hell.

On the other hand, every book I keep on requesting adds to my pile and reduces my approval ratio on Netgalley (which is abysmal already). I’m a book blogger and having TBRs that are humongous is my right but it is also my responsibility to send feedback to publishers, something I’ve been terrible at doing.

My solution to all of this?

The Book Ban
The ultimate way of trying to get that TBR in control.

It’s already making me cry, believe me.


How are you planning on doing this?
By shedding a lot of tears, that’s how. My girl Nia (whom you can find here) and I are going to be doing this thing together, thanks to the Netgalley Challenge which runs from the 1st of September up until the 12th of October. Read as many books as you can, and give feedback on Netgalley? Totally my thing!


How long does this go on for?
Yeah. About that. I’m guess estimating that I won’t be requesting any new books until the 1st of December. I have exams all of November and the challenge goes on until mid October anyway. Of course, I’m no saint and I’ll probably slip up (a lot) but I’m hoping I can keep the oath of abstinence and you know, not request any new books.


How are you going to avoid going to hell?
Pfft. Not happening. Hell’s got the best liquor around, I’ve heard.


Are we only going to see old books reviewed on Rhea’s Neon Journal since you’re not requesting any new ones?
Not really. I’ve got a shit ton of blog tours coming up in the next few months (see them banners on the left, y’all) and those are all newly published/to be published books. So there’s that, obviously. And as far as I remember, my ARCs include books that haven’t been published as of yet, too. But there are some published last year, too. That’s not too old, I hope 🙂


Are you really doing this? What incentives do you get?
Good question! Yes, I am really doing this! I do need to get my ARC situation all sorted out in the new year and this is the best way to do it! This way also leaves me some time to read the non-ARCs, books that I want to read, instead of only books that I have to read.
Incentives, you ask?
For you, readers, I’ll save some additional money for a Christmas giveaway! Give me ideas!
For me, obviously, I’ll splurge on books for Christmas. Maybe, I’ll save some money for every book I’ve read and then use that money to buy—what else?—books!

So. What do you guys think? Will it really work? Have you guys ever gone months without requesting like this? Give me all the dirty details!

What say you, mortal?

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