While I Eat Some Birthday Cake…(GIVEAWAY!)


Hello everyone, and welcome to my little birthday celebration! I’m 19 now, and if I were in a YA novel, I’d have already found the boy of my dreams and we’d be having really awkward, yet mind-blowing sex today. But since I’m not in one of those, I’m going to have to get creative 🙂

To all my blog readers, lurkers, commenters and all the friends I’ve made through Rhea’s Neon Journal, thank you. There is literally nothing like knowing that I have friends all around the world who not only share my love and enthusiasm for the written word, but also want to talk to me–me!–about it! It always amazes me that as antisocial as I am, some of my kindest, most close friends come through the internet ❤


This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY just as long as The Book Depository ships to you for free! (Not quite sure if they do? Check here!) You can pick any book you like, in any format, just as long as it remains under $20!

Want to pre-order? Yay! You can do that too! There are so many 2016 releases that I’m over-the-moon excited for! You can find them listed in the YA Novels of 2016 list or if you want to check out debuts in 2016, they are listed in the YA Debuts 2016 list!

I’ve also listed some of my recent favorites from 2015–books that are NEVER going to leave my heart because they are just so. damned. amazing ❤ Keep in mind that you can consider choosing them as your prize! These are HIGHLY recommended 🙂 Want to see more of my favorites this year? Here are my Favorites from 2015 and my Favorites from 2014!



So that’s pretty much all! Thank you thank you thank you so much for stopping by! Spread word about this giveaway, if you can, and don’t forget to stop by on my Twitter and give me all the (virtual) cake 🙂 See you soon!


30 thoughts on “While I Eat Some Birthday Cake…(GIVEAWAY!)

  1. BooksatDawn says:

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I spend my birthdays usually with my parents or my friends and all we do is eat and eat and eat. If I won I’m thinking of choosing a book that has a better UK cover. Maybe a Brandon Sanderson? or Sarah J. Maas?

    Thanks again and Happy Birthday! You’re going to miss your teens. I sure do and it’s been years since I was in them >.<


  2. elizabeth1929 says:

    Happy Birthday! I usually spend my birthdays at home doing nothing out of the ordinary, same old routine. It’s too bad, because I wish my birthdays would consist of dropping me off at a bookstore or library, and leaving me to read to my heart’s content. If I won, I’d pick a books in The Throne of Glass series…maybe?


  3. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ah, these YA books that give us unrealistic expectations. 😉 When my sister turned 16 I totally spent the day teasing her that she was going to find a werewolf and fall in love. AHEM. At least I had fun!? 😉 thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    I usually spend my birthdays…pretending they’re not happening. >_< I SUCK at birthdays! I don't like parties or being the centre of attention so we usually just have a nice family meal and maybe go out to coffee.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  4. Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHEA!!!! *throws confetti*
    Well, every year my birthday has been different. Last year’s one was a disaster! 😦 The year before, I had to stay in school until 6 for drama practices. *sighs* I just hope that this time it would be loads better!


  5. Josephine says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I’m a bit late on this one but anywho… I hope you had a lovely birthday. And that intro to your post made me burst out of a fit of giggles! I’m glad I found your blog through Twitter. Do you recognise me from Twitter? 😇


  6. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you have the same date of birth as my little brother, so I can be sure to NEVER forget this now. Hope you enjoyed your day and was gifted with loads of cakes and love. That’s one amazing favourites list, I need to look at it for inspiration on my next contemporary read 😀


  7. luvindbookishlife says:

    Happy Happy 19th Birthday to you! Usually, those who celebrate their birthday receive their bday presents but as youre very kind, you decided to give a present instead so I totally adore you for that! Wish you more followers because you deserve it! And stay cool and awesome!😀 Unlike to everyone, I must say I’m lonely and definitely not happy during my bday, hehe. But on this november, I’m planning to treat myself and be YOLO!☺ If I ever win, I’d like to have All The Bright Places! Or Even when you lie to me 💕💕💕


  8. Vania says:

    It has become a habit in my family that whoever is having birthday, he/she will get to pick restaurant to eat. 😊

    If I win, I’d most likely to pick Colleen Hoover’s book.
    Thankyou for thw giveaway and HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!🎉


  9. Raphaela P. (@rgp_95) says:

    Happy 19th Birthday!
    i usually spend my bday on bed eating my favourite kind of food and sweets my mama made me and reading either a new book or a good old favourite book.then after i finish it, i watch some anime or read some manga and voila that’s it. nothing beats spending your birthday doing the things you like 😀

    PS:thanks for the giveaway ^^


  10. Zaira F says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ❤ Hope your day is filled with love and books, haha ;D I usually celebrate my birthday by eating out with family or friends, and then ofc they give me books as gifts.

    All the books above looks so good! I've only read 2 out of those, and I want to get Everything Everything if I win. Thanks for the chance! 🙂


  11. Melanie Westermann says:

    Happy 19th Birthday!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I usually spend my day working.
    But in the evening I eat my favourite food (Lasagne) and read one of my new books (I always get books for my birthday).
    I don´t know yet which book I would choose, so many on my wishlist…


  12. Ginger betty says:

    My family and i often go to the cinema on my birthday, and ŵe get this chocolate cake that i crave all year:p i hope you have an amazing day and something yummy! If i won id ask for a book from the lux series:)



  13. Kate S says:

    Happy birthday!
    Mine is in about two weeks ^_^ I usually spend it out drinking with friends, I guess this one will be no exception 🙂
    I would definitely choose something by Colleen Hoover cos I love her!


  14. Kristina Naum says:

    I spend it usually at home with my family and my closest friends. Ahh I don’t know what I would choose, I have a list of about 70 books that I NEED in paperback :/
    Also happy 19th! 🙂


  15. Perceptive Madness says:

    20 DOLLARS? Woah. If we were getting it from Amazon or Flipkart we’d have about 3-4 book, yeah? I’d probably get something you recommend. Or Red Queen. Or More Happy Than Not. Loads of choices.THANKS RHEA! HOPE YOU HAD A BRILL TIME! 😀


  16. Sel B says:

    Happy Birthday!!! 🙂 I usually spend it at home with my family and have a little party! 🙂 I don’t know what I would choose just yet, but I’m sure I could figure something out 😉


  17. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I spend my bdays with my hubby, kids, sister ,her hubby and my parents! We usually have cake. My bday is Sept 19… wooohoo!! I would love to get a book by R. Frater or something with zombies!


  18. whiterosebaron says:

    WHY DID I JUST LEARN ABOUT THIS? Belated happy birthday, Rhea! Cheers to more years of great books to read! Stay awesomesauce 😉

    I rarely celebrate my birthdays but I often spend it with 3 F’s: Family, Friends, and Food! 😀 Thanks for the giveaway too! I’ll probably pick All the Bright Places ’cause I’ve been dying to read it! Thanks for the chance 😀


  19. Jessa says:

    I usually spend my birthdays w my family. I don’t know what eould I start doing when I move to college. if i won I would pick a Sarah J Maas book necause her books are life


  20. Arien says:

    Happy birthday!
    I usually spend my birthdays with my family and friends. I love to blast music and dance. Also, mum makes super awesome cakes. Cakes are so important.


  21. _Sandra_ says:

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!! Hope it’s an amazing one! 🙂
    I usually celebrate birthdays with my family and friends and lots of cake. 🙂
    If I won, I would probably pick Queen of Shadows or Six of Crows.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


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