Blog Friends Forever Blog Hop (Interview & Giveaways)


How exciting is this?! The Blog Friends Forever Blog Hop is FINALLY here and I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of September when I first signed up! Eep! Erin and Jaime from Fiction Fare and Meg and Kassiah from Swoony Boys Podcast, are the wonderful hosts of this blog hop and what is our goal? To spread some blogger love ❤

The #BFFBlogHop runs from 1st October to 17th October with 54 participating bloggers and SO MANY GIVEAWAYS! Today, on my blog, you’ll meet Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts. This guy is awesome to talk to, has a very unique, adorably ranty way of writing his reviews and he’s awesome to pressure into getting what you want from him.

  • Tell me all about the blogger Joey! And then tell me everything about non-blogger Joey!

First and foremost, much thanks to Rhea for asking me these incredibly invasive questions. Easy peasy.

Blogger-me is the cooler, well-articulated, and sometimes ruder version of real-life me (#powerofediting). So, I’d recommend friending the blogger ego than the physical counterpart because one’s less awkward than the other. That being said, many of my IRL interests like music, television, or movies leak into various areas of blogging. One lame quirk of mine is that when I find a song I quite enjoy (recently it’s been a lot of EDM)…I will listen to the shit out of it until I find a replacement. As one does.

  • Most of us have been readers for a long, long time before we actually found the time the courage to be book bloggers. What was your story? What was it that made you take the big leap and start a blog?

Negatory. I’m more a [novel] reader now than before; which mainly constituted manga and really popular SF-F/dystopian.

Previous platforms I’ve blogged under (circa 2004) was Freewebs, Xanga, and LiveJournal. But those were prepubescent angsty as fuck blogs. The whole concept of niche blogging was done on a whim as I wanted needed to complain about Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave (because Evan did some creepy shit).

It was helpful that my bud from highschool, Savindi (The Streetlight Reader—whom has since retired from blogging), was active in the community. Life would have been way more daunting without her support.

  • We can all talk about how each blog post is our baby and we have no favourites but obviously, we lie. Which one of your posts is your favourite? *insert shameless plugging right here*

Discussion posts are my jam. They’re fun to write and rather necessary to push the boundary of book-related topics. Here are some sampler excerpts (full list of discussion posts can be found here):

 From “What If Bloggers Had Blurbs?” – As bloggers/booktubers/booklr-ers/bookstagrammers, we preach individuality; the acceptance of being yourself and embracing the difference and uniqueness of your voice in a sea of similar-yet-dissonant opinions. If this categorical emphasis on comparative branding were to occur in various forums of communication, who’s to say originality and identity exists separate to who those we’re being compared to?

From “Not All Fictional Men Smell Like The Great Outdoors” I understand it’s a description (and distinction) tacked onto a character to increase their unique appeal but you cannot tell me that every brooding, misunderstood, crooked smiling, tall-dark-and-handsome, blue-eyed boy-next-door Adonis ought to be typecast into the same few adjectives.

I’m no guru in curating discussions but the best advice I can give is to talk about something that you have vested interest in. Always.

  • If someone were to elevator pitch your reviewing style, what do you think they would say?

 “Joey is the king of eloquent ranting—“

 Okay, but really, I think they’d [hopefully] comment on my reviewing style being snarky, informative, and unnecessarily long-winded. Moreover, I’d think they’d mention my TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) section that uses a bullet-point summary of the review plus an infographic to rate the key elements of the book (ranging from premise to characterization).

  • What is the specific genre of books that you would have never read if not for your blog? Is there even any genre that you’ve picked up only because of your blogging?

Recently, I read a historical-fiction/fantasy and it is among the top titles for me in 2015. I don’t think I would have come across it if it weren’t for being part of the community and semi-active on Goodreads as history…”HISTORY” is pretty whatever. (I appreciate it but not to the extent that I’m enamored by it.)

 In terms of books I picked up because of blogging, I’ll go with contemporary romance but in the New Adult age-range. But see here: the ones I’ve [tried] were sports-centric ones that don’t even try to involve the physical activity, so it’s been a pretty shitty experience thus far. (Story time: it was this genre that Rhea and I had our first conversation about!)

  • Here comes my favourite question (and we’ve almost reached the end, too): What do you do when you really, really didn’t like a book?

I complain and rationally dissect the elements that weren’t of substance. Moreover, I’ve rarely DNF’d or rated a book 0 or 1 out of 5. Books can fail—absolutely—but I give credit where it’s due and just because it was a garbage experience doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the workings of something someone else might enjoy. So I mention that. 

Speaking to titles I’ve read within the year: fuck the hype train. Seriously. I commend We Were Liars and Red Queen for enraging me and making me word vomit 2k+ words of aduygabhruasdhasudbas.

  • Is there any book that has made you want to give up your life and want to reside inside of its world forever? Give me all the juicy details about it!

Anything uniquely superhero is awesome. I mean…Harry Potter and Avatar: TLA are great choices but I think I’d want to be someone with a special power even if it’s the most useless thing ever.

  • Tell me about that time you almost gave up real life because all you wanted to do was read books for a living.  Ahem. Finally, tell me all about your blog. As little or as much as you want to! 

Everyone has better advice than me, so you should probably seek them out instead. I’ll leave you with this: keep being awesome.



Isn’t Joey amazing? Find him on his Twitter, his Blog and his Goodreads!

To celebrate all the book bloggers we know–and to spread book love to one and all–here’s a couple of giveaways you can enjoy! First off, the mega blog hop giveaway so that you can win of a ton of book money with the retailer of your choice! Three winners will be chosen and prizes include a $75, $50 and $25 Gift Card to a retailer of your choosing 🙂


Here’s another giveaway, courtesy of yours’ truly 🙂 Enter this giveaway to win a book of your choice of book of your choice up to $15 from The Book Depository, open internationally 🙂



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❤ Keep the love going, you guys, and don’t forget to tell your favorite bloggers that you love them ❤


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