Guest Of The Month Club #1: Cyra @ Rattle The Pages


Hello there, everyone! waves Guest of The Month Club is a completely new feature by Emily from Emily Reads Everything, where every month a blogger is paired with another blogger and they get to write a blog post for each other on a topic which is decided already! This way, you get to know about so many things about your favorite bookish people, and what they are like behind the scenes!

And today, I have Cyra @ Rattle The Pages who shares her thoughts on:

Beyond the Blog: What you do when you aren’t blogging?

Ever since I started my blog on June 3rd of this year, I have ended up spending a lot more time working on it than I ever would have imagined! It is a very time consuming hobby, but I love it so much!

In the moments you find me not staring at my computer on the couch, I am really not doing anything exciting. I have a job working in a distribution center as a packer. It’s basically like a mini Amazon warehouse. I pack your orders into a box or bubble mailer and ship them off to you! It’s really not the most exciting job on the planet, but it pays well and it’s easy and the people I work with are great! I will be spending a lot of time there in the next month as we will be shipping out Christmas orders now! 

Other work related things I do outside of blogging are the occasional ranching chore (which I weasel my way out of whenever possible). I live with my boyfriend on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota! So there are some projects that require more help than others. In the Spring, when all the calves are being born, they need shots and tagging! Which can be time consuming depending on how badly the momma cow does NOT want you near her baby! Then in the summer the calves need branding and the colts need halter breaking which are my two least favorite projects in the whole wide world! And in the fall, the calves need shots and it’s the big calf sale. Other than that, I don’t usually end up having to help a whole lot. 

Last year, my boyfriend and I bought a house and we just finally got all the major work done on it, but we have a few little projects that we still need to do so I sometimes work on stuff like that! And cleaning the house is never ending job when you live on a ranch because you can never get all the dirt cleaned up before more gets tracked in! It’s a never ending battle.

As for hobbies, I like to read, see movies, play video games (saving Hyrule is a full time job!), take photos, and really that’s about it! I really don’t do much in the area of social interactions, but once a month I take a day or two off of work so I can go visit home (I moved four hours away from home to live with the boyfriend). I spend all weekend hanging out with my sister and her herd of nerdy friends. And occasionally hang out with my friends from high school! 

So, as you can see, I really don’t live a very exciting life, but it works for me! Thank you for having me on your blog!!

You can find Cyra at all these places: Twitter | Blog | Goodreads |

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