A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro {Interview & Giveaway}

9780062398901_45103Title: A Study In Charlotte
Author : Brittany Cavallaro
Genre : Young Adult, Contemporary
Publication Date : March 1st, 2016
Publisher : Katherine Tegen
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The last thing sixteen-year-old Jamie Watson–writer and great-great-grandson of the John Watson–wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father. But that’s not the only complication: Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes, the famous detective’s enigmatic, fiercely independent great-great-granddaughter, who’s inherited not just his genius but also his vices, volatile temperament, and expertly hidden vulnerability. Charlotte has been the object of his fascination for as long as he can remember–but from the moment they meet, there’s a tense energy between them, and they seem more destined to be rivals than anything else.

Then a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Holmes stories, and Jamie and Charlotte become the prime suspects. Convinced they’re being framed, they must race against the police to conduct their own investigation. As danger mounts, it becomes clear that nowhere is safe and the only people they can trust are each other.

Equal parts tender, thrilling, and hilarious, A Study in Charlotte is the first in a trilogy brimming with wit and edge-of-the-seat suspense.


 INTERVIEW WITH Brittany Cavallaro

Today, I’m so excited to have Brittany Cavallaro on the blog with me!  The book blogosphere is teeming with good things to say about A Study In Charlotte and if it’s not on your TBR, it needs to be there NOW!  On to the natter!

  • A Study in Charlotte has a wonderful concept! Dealing with Sherlock & Dr. Watson’s great-great-grandchildren sounds so intriguing, and I’m sure it’s going to be a definite success—how did you come up with this idea?

Thanks so much! I’m a Sherlockian by nature—one of the subjects I’m working on in my PhD is detective fiction—and I also love adaptations and retellings. I’ve loved this renaissance of Holmes stories in the last ten years! I knew that I wanted to try my hand at writing the Great Detective, and the one way I hadn’t seen him compellingly re-imagined was as a teenage girl. (I’ve been introduced to some great girl Holmes books in the meantime.) I really wanted to see what a relationship between her and a boy Watson would look like, and that I wanted to set it at a boarding school. I took it from there.

  • I understand A Study in Charlotte is your YA Debut. How has the experience been so far?

Really incredible! Everyone has been so supportive and so much fun to talk to on social media. I feel really lucky to be a member of a debut group, the Sweet Sixteens. The other debut writers are there to share your successes and answer your questions, and it’s incredible to be a member of a community like that. Meeting writers like Emily Henry and Kathy MacMillan has been invaluable—they’re great critique partenrs and great friends.

  • Which character do you think the readers will relate to the most?

Oh wow—I’m not sure. Most likely Jamie Watson, as he’s a little bit more down to earth and imaginative than character like Charlotte, who has vulture skeletons hanging in her lab. Jamie’s the character I relate to the most, but I’ve always felt like a Watson at heart.

  • What kind of research did you have to do for the novel?

Well, I know now a hundred horrible ways to kill someone with just the things you’d find in a science lab! My search history right now probably has me on some kind of watch list. I spent a lot of time with the Holmes stories, of course, and with the notes I’d made on them in the past, but I also spent time researching rugby, Connecticut state laws about drugs and about driving, independent contractors/mercenary companies, and private planes. Though the latter didn’t make it into the first book, but wow, did I read a lot about it.

  • For readers who loved A Study in Charlotte, which other books would you recommend?

The Arthur Conan Doyle stories! Seriously, I know a lot of people are a bit afraid of reading classics, but the Doyle stories are totally fun and readable and completely addictive. I’d start with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and take it from there. I’d also check out Ellie Marney’s wonderful Every series, if you’re looking for another modern take on Holmes and Watson.

  • What more have you got in store for us in 2016?

I’ll be doing a lot of events and conventions this year—you can always check out my website (brittanycavallaro.com) for an updated list—and writing book three in the trilogy. Book two is already in production, which is crazy!


It’s always so good to talk to an author, and being able to get into their creative minds is probably one of the most rewarding parts of being a blogger!  Thanks so much to Brittany for her fun answers, and to FFBC for pulling this  together 🙂


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Brittany Cavallaro is a poet, fiction writer, and old school Sherlockian. She is the author of the poetry collection Girl-King (University of Akron) and is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. She earned her BA in literature from Middlebury College and her MFA in poetry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, she’s a PhD candidate in English literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she teaches creative writing, detective fiction, and lots of other things. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, cat, and collection of deerstalker caps. Find her at her website, brittanycavallaro.com, or on Twitter @skippingstones.

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