ARC August 2016 (!!!!)

Deep breaths.

I have been a terrible blogger these past two months.  (Also, a terrible person, but I’m only going to reveal stuff I’ve done on–where else–Twitter.)  I’ve been lousy at reading my humongous pile of ARCs, and I’ve also rather shamelessly requested for more.  It’s a character defect of mine to bite far more than I can chew.  Also, I’ve noticed that not much has changed since I was doing this same thing last year too.  Whatever.

Look at me trying to atone for my many sins, one ARC at a time.

Like last year, the rules are simple–the book you choose must be a published/unpublished ARC, update your progress whenever you like (but in the month of August, obv) and most importantly HAVE FUN.  But unlike last year–when I was a bonny young lass who was naive and did I mention young–this year I have set a goal for 10 books to complete.  It was a tough decision choosing what to read, but I have 5 books each from Netgalley and Edelweiss and I’m really sorry I missed reading these when I got them.  Some are, of course, hella new and I’m looking forward to reading those as well!


So.  Quick run through my entire August TBR.  Georgia Peaches is a highly anticipated book coming out in August, and those who have read it have adored it.  I’m sold.  My reading of The Novice comes entirely because of Aditi over at A Thousand Words A Million Books.  She loves this series, and Imma try my hand at it.  I’d read Ignite The Shadows last year, and have been eagerly awaiting it’s sequel, Eclipse The Flame ever since!  The rest of the books I’ve chosen because because, like I said, I was super silly and never got to reading these when I got them in the first place and they look great!

Also, August means the second TGTRAT (The Great Twitter Readathon) will be from the 5th to the 7th!  My goals for that one are still unclear, but I will try my best to read a couple of books that weekend 🙂

See you next Sunday with an update!


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