Review Policy

Authors & Publishers

If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review a book, host an author inteview, host a giveaway, host a blog tour stop, or host a cover reveal please read through the following, submit a request via this form and I will respond at my earliest convenience. I’d request you to read my Review Policy and read through a few of my Reviews in order to familiarise yourself with my reviewing style. For any additional inquiries, contact me at

I am currently not accepting any new requests. Please check back in a while to see if this has changed. 

Review Policy

My reviews are brutally honest and possibly offensive. I bash books, curse characters with no backbone, even threaten to find them and kill them. As I read more and more books, I’ve found myself paying more attention to detail and criticising any little thing I don’t like. Sarcastically. It’s what I do and I have no intentions of hurting anyone with my words/images/gifs. It’s just the way I work.

Preferred Genres

Young Adult/Teen
New Adult
Contemporary Romance

Genres I Don’t Review

Middle Grade

Galley Preferences

I accept both electronic ARC’s and print copies with a preference for the latter. Please note that the acceptance of your ARC does not guarantee a review, especially if it is wildly outside my preferred genres listed above. Keep in mind that I will give my honest and just-as-it-is opinion about the books I read.

Rating Guide

★ = Could not finish or if I did, it caused me actual physical pain.

★★ = One-time reads. I’d like my money and time back?

★★★ = Not a great book, not a bad book, just average.

★★★★ = Great. A book I can’t fault.

★★★★★ = Excellent. Definite keeper shelf and multiple re-reads.


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